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Team Finland building

Muotohiomo was the creative partner in service design and workplace management for Team Finland.

In this project ca. 700 experts from Tekes, Finnvera and Finpro moved into new premisses in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. People from Team Finland organisations participated in the design process. Muotohiomo implemented service design methods and organized series of workshops to create new multifunctional office spaces.

Muotohiomo was also responsible for all the interior architecture assignments, spanning 7116 m2 on three floors. This included for example reforming all floor plans, designing the lighting systems, choosing all surface materials, colors, and designing all custom built furnitures. A Graphic way finding system was also implemented to facilitate navigation and to communicate the brand image.

Team Finland

Patrik Rastenberger & Muotohiomo

Completed in October 2016