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Home-on-Demand courier robot
Service design

In October 2020 Muotohiomo participated in the pilot of Home-on-Demand courier robot. The pilot took place in Majakka, the tallest apartment building in Helsinki, and the shopping center Redi. Muotohiomo worked in collaboration with the operator Dimalog Oy to develop the robot-based delivery service for K-Supermarket Redi. The experiment is part of the 6Aika “New solutions in city logistics” project and is organized by Helsinki’s innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki. 

The courier robot delivers meals and products to the residents of the Majakka building. The orders are made through the digital resident service platform Asumi that also gives the user ability to track their orders and get information of the robot’s current status.

The courier robot navigates autonomously in the Redi shopping center and Majakka. The robot is able to use the lifts and communicate with humans through whistling and speaking. The other participants in co-creating the delivery solution were KONE Hissit Oy, SRV and Omron Electronics Oy.

Forum Virium Helsinki