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New life of trash!

Vantaa Energy opened a new waste-to-energy plant in 2014. Muotohiomo was responsible for communicating how the plant works, from concept to content, creating visual identity, exhibition architecture and data visualization. We also designed interiors of a 6000m2 office building for the administration of Vantaa Energy, in addition to the way finding system for the 3,3 ha waste plant area.

We produced videos and photographs as well as the largest 3D printed model in Finland to explain how the waste-to-energy plant works. We organized a creative design process workshop with Nuorten Akatemia to produce ideas and designed a permanent exhibition for the plant. Finally, in collaboration with a team from Vantaa Energy Muotohiomo produced a three-day opening event for over 300 people. We took care of the program, catering, hosting services targeted for different groups and the event identity. We also designed a temporary festival tent with a glass ceiling to host the event.

Vantaa Energy

Patrik Rastenberger
Vantaa Energy