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"Everyone has a chance to fall in love with Helsinki!"

Muotohiomo made service design for Helsinki City Museum. The new Helsinki City Museum will be open to the public in the new premises in the historic Elephant quarter in the spring 2016. Muotohiomo produced a series of expert workshops, where service design goals and operating models of the museum were reorganized. The work also included mapping of the starting points for the renewal of the museum's premises. Muotohiomo was responsible for bringing service design thinking into the reformation and engaging professionals and users in developing the museum's services. As a result, the main design drivers of the new museum were defined, including the main user profiles and service paths. In addition, Muotohiomo audited the Children's City Museum situated in the historical Sederholm house built in 1757, interviewed and observed both museum users and staff. The outcome was a visitor experience documentation and proposals for the further development of museum to improve customer experience.

We co-created a renewable customer service facilities concept, where service design goals and criteria are a part of the spatial plan. The concept is to produce creative view of the spatial reform. The contents and service models of the renewed museum will be taken into consideration in the interior design plan and customer service. Muotohiomo will provide museum professionals with a view on how to manage the production of the architectural changes and work as a consult in the surface of architecture and interior design. The museum is in a historically valuable building. which makes the project particularly challenging.

Helsinki City Museum