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The aim of the project "Whole Finland Is Playing" is to establish a meeting place, Terhokerho ("The Acorn Club"), for different generations in every Finnish municipality by the end of year 2016. Terhokerho welcomes children as well as seniors and all other age groups to share leisure time and to play together. With service design we brought the focus to the end user and helped to build common operational models.

After the participatory workshops a service path and an operating model between the two organizations (MLL, SPR) was created to establish Terhokerho clubs, another model was created for maintaining the activities, and monitor the clubs operations. These two models were intended to make the first time visitors job to find the clubs easy and rewarding and serve as an appealing experience for returning visitors.

The visual identity was created to match the operations of Terhokerho clubs. Additional material was created as a source of inspiration and for the volunteers to use in the club meetings. The service path and the summary of the most important design drivers was collected in a Terho-Kerho handbook.

Finnish Cultural Foundation SKR

Implemented by:
The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare MLL,
Finlandu2019s Red Cross SPR

Service design, visual identity, package design:
Design Studio Muotohiomo