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Fennia Prize Grand Prix 2012: Fingrid & Muotohiomo

Less visible, stronger and long lasting design in large scale: Fingrid field tower 2012.

Fingrid Plc maintains Finland’s national electricity transmission grid with its large power lines extending throughout the country. The new field tower is an important investment for Fingrid. Its design had to consider appearance, security, strict technical requirements, manufacturing and maintenance costs, and environmental factors. The design of the tower sought to minimize negative impact on cultivation – the idea for a tower type that would save arable land originally came from farmers. A difference in comparison with the conventional tower type is the lack of guylines, permitting easier use of agricultural machinery near the tower.

The innovative foundation of the tower is of heavy prefabricated concrete elements that are brought to the site. The protective structures around the base of the tower prevent collisions, and the soil can be tilled right next to the tower. The traditional lattice structure has been replaced with a more open one, making the tower merge better into the surrounding landscape. The erection and maintenance of the field tower can now be carried out more efficiently. Muotohiomo was fully responsible to innovate and create design consepts to engineer new type of field towers. Work continues with new smaller pylons fof 110 kv.