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Sitra Low2No

Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is an independent public fund which under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament promotes the welfare of Finnish society.

Muotohiomos pride and joy was to design the visual identity of the Low2No -project powered by Sitra. The Low2No -project aims to create new sustainable urban environments and enables ecological lifestyles in the city. The building process aims at lowering the carbon footprint of the district so that in 2025 it will actually release 0 carbon emissions. This means going from low carbon to no carbon. (=Low2No).

Designed by the akcnowledged sustainable architecture company Sauerbruch Hutton, accompanied with Arup and Experimentia, the first actual city block using the Low2No -process will be built to Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. The block will contain both apartments, social entrepreneurs providing ecological groceries and sustainable services, a community sauna and the Sitra new office building.

Learn more about the project: